Author meets an Author

A wonderful chance to meet a self-help author.

Devi smiles and shares a warm hug with a self-help author during the “Thought Revolution” book distribution event outside Kensington station, Olympia, London.

Pic with SelfHelp Author

Thought Revolution is a miniature international version for “The Source”, one of the most powerful teachings from Sirshree, our master.

About 325 copies were freely distributed outside London book fair to create awareness and add value to people’s lives. The book is an alchemical tool to transform lives when applied.

Thought Revolution

Help yourself with a copy.

London Book Fair

Well, a long time huh!

I am not getting enough time, but there are things to come.

Had a very productive week in London visiting the book fair and got a chance to meet some of the best people in the book industry; editors, CEOs, managers, agents, publishers, authors, illustrators and many more.

This visit is surely going to give us a lift in new dimension.

More to write, draw and experiment.

Here’s a pic for you

Books Are My Bag.jpg