Welcome to MadaboutDodo!

We are a group of artists, writers, learners, experimenters and meditators who all have one thing in common. We all are mad about Dodo!

We write, we draw and we experiment!

We live and we learn.

We believe in doing what we love and our passion is to create, draw and write. Our vision is to bring the child out, which is hidden in all of us. To add a touch of beauty and creativity in our lives. To make our lives better, beautiful and simple.

Illustrated children books, graphic novels, fiction literature and other non-fiction writing are things to start with.

Our team consists of dedicated writers, illustrators, graphic designers and artists who are committed to create and deliver products that touch people’s heart and add more meaning to their lives.

Currently we are working on the Dodo Series which is our milestone product!

It is a series of books based on Dodo’s life incidents.

A dozen more are lined up such as The Adventures of Mr. Shiny, Cheeza and Bitter Butter, Ruby and Bloomy and so on.

You are welcome to share your thoughts/queries/comments/feedback/ideas/posts:) to us. Just drop us an email at madaboutdodo@gmail.com We would love to hear from you and reply to your questions.

You can also write on our blog as a guest blogger! Interested? Share your niche, bio and post with us and we can do the rest.

Thanks for stopping by.

Team MadaboutDodo

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