One book down!

Yeah the title speaks for itself. We are now one book down!

Many…many and many more to go…

Thank you all for your love and support.

Mary meets Mr. Shiny_front cover_opt1-700x700

It is time I tell you more about the book. This is one of our favorite stories about a pair of specs, Mr. Shiny and an ant, Mary. It is quite an offbeat tale from the standard. The story came into conception a four years ago when we did not have anything but just the verbal version. Then it found a way to reach into our laptops. Then it travelled a long journey between friends, well-wishers, publishers, authors, editors and so on. Finally, after a long period of 4 years came the moment we all had been waiting for!

Yes, we found a publisher!

Thank you Orange Publishers and team for all your support and hard work.

Thank you Krishna for all the inspiration.

A lot of sweat and hard work has been put into it. A long journey has been traversed to reach this far. A lot of people have put in their love and patience into it.

This is first story from the series – The Adventures of Mr. Shiny. We are working on the second one and it should be out anytime next year. We really look forward to your support and love.

Please spare some time to order a copy and share your reviews and feedback.

We highly appreciate critics and comments.

You may also order your copy at Amazon or Flipkart.




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