A Homemade Haircut

Last week when I dropped Krishna at school his caretaker (school nanny) looked at him and then looked at me. I was trying to guess what might have happened and then she said, “Get him a haircut, please.”

His hair had grown awfully big and was troubling him. He lost his looks and hair covered most of his face.

Once I even told him, “With so much hair covering both of your ears, you look like Bachchan.”

Anyways, he needed a haircut almost immediately. Weekend was still a few days away when we would normally go out together to get him one.

So, I had to do something. I had a plan. I took him upstairs for a bath and just before that, grabbed a stupid pair of scissors (God, I didn’t a good scissors eitherJ but a plan is a plan) and started my job.

For the next twenty minutes my job was to be a homemade barber who had to do his job i.e. cut his hair and also keep him diverted so that he doesn’t spoil the game.

Krishna hates haircuts and doesn’t like anybody touching his hair, forget about messing it up and the last thing he needs is somebody to cut them. So, the job was difficult and all the more thrilling because I am not a professional barber.

This is the first time I was about to do something of this kind. But I had the confidence. Millions of my own visits to the barber gave me the kind of experience I needed.

It happened smoothly. A little cut from here and there and on the nape and on the sides and finally a little shaping. Bingo!

Krishna had a haircut! Super!

I gave myself a collar lift and patted my shoulder.

There you go.

You can do it!

He looked much better and smart.

When I dropped him to the school today (post haircut), his teacher commented, “Ah! You’ve got a haircut.”

Then she looked at me and asked, “Who cut it?”

I blushed and said, “I did.”

She laughed and looked at Krishna and said,” You’ve got a big boy’s haircut.”


I still don’t know what that meant.