Meal Time!

It has always been an arduous task to feed Krishna since he has turned two. It was difficult earlier as well but recently this has been our most important challenge. He is not more of a foodie kid hence he always wants to play but hardly wants to eat.

We thought about this quite a lot but had no clue what to do. We tried stories, fantasy characters, videos, movies, pictures, funny faces and almost everything that parents could try but things didn’t work as much as they should. He hardly ate. Even if he did, it took two hours of herculean effort and patience to have him do that.

Then something amazing happened. He started going to school. After couple of days of school, the idea dawned. Why don’t we just follow the rule of the school? It would help him learn and adapt to the school quickly while he’ll eat as well.

So, we decided and followed the school principle. Dedicated Mealtime, separate chair, full plate, freedom with little bit of encouragement and presence. The recipes changed everyday but not the rule.

Now we serve him a plate full that has at least 5 different eatables, one potion each. The plate mostly contains a main course, a salad, a fruit, a junk (crisps, biscuits, rolls etc.) and a dessert.


The plate is served at proper time, while he rests on his meal chair along with colorful kid spoon and fork with a glass full of juice or plain water. This does the trick. Mostly he eats a little bit of everything, sometimes most of few things, and rarely everything and very rarely asks for more. But things are getting better. The idea is not to leave him alone, but eat with him in your plate and be present even when you are done and keep encouraging him. As time passes, he’ll feel more confident and independent to eat himself without any assistance.

Notice how he plays and enjoys every bite, plays as he pleases and relishes every new dish with curiosity. It is sight unto itself that every parent would love to see.

Bon Appétit!



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