The Magic Box

Krishna has a habit of throwing things here and there. Also, he throws the thing he holds, very hard on the ground, when he is angry to express himself, to express his disapproval.

We used to think what should be done about it? An idea came to mind. Let us create a magic box. A box that is creative and magical and can hold all his toys. The idea is, he himself should make the box and use it to keep all his toys together. Whenever he wants to throw a toy, he should throw it in the box and not outside.

Sparing some time, we immediately started. Here’s the recipe –

  • Get hold of a huge carton box.
  • Have some colourful paper and craft paper ready.
  • A bottle of glue, scissors, cello tape and stapler.
  • Get some stickers, animals, cartoons, numbers, smileys or anything else you can get hold of.
  • Line up the box from the outside and the inside using craft paper, tape and glue.
  • Stick up the stickers that you have on the outside walls of the box to make it beautiful.
  • Ask your little one to put the stickers wherever he likes and pleases.


Thats about it.

You can be as creative as possible. Two birds with one stone. First of all, creating the box itself is a great craft activity and gives your kid a chance to learn new things. Second of all, the box servers as a placeholder for all the toys. It is also an ongoing activity and not a one timer because you can keep decorating and re-decorating the box as please.

You are welcome to share your own creative activity recipes!

Good Luck!


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