Good Morning Trees!

Well this happened quite some time ago but not too long either. About 2 weeks back or so, I would say but happens to be one of the finest mornings I have lived. I dedicate this to Devi and Krishna!

We live in Leeds and it is quite cold here during winter. The onset of summer is beautiful and graciously welcome by the inhabitants. Normally I am quite lazy to get up in the morning but Krishna, my little one, loves to go outside and play with nature.

He has school two days a week and rest of the mornings just pass by, sleeping or doing nothing.

It was a fine day and my wife was leaving for office in her regular routine time while me and Krishna waited by the door to wave goodbye.

She started walking outside and said, “Hey, why don’t you come along with Krishna? The weather is good. Take him on the nearby hill!”

Normally I would just pass by on these kinds of suggestions but that day was different. I looked at Krishna and he seemed to say, “C’mon, mom is right!”

Then I looked at myself and heard a voice “Go on, How long would you wait? Take a new step. Go ahead immediately without losing a moment!”

Well, off we went together, until the bus stop where Devi said goodbye and changed her way and I started climbing a nearby hill.

When we reached on the top, I suddenly felt a fresh source of energy inside me and started playing hide-and-seek with Krishna. He seemed to enjoy it thoroughly.



Then we did chanting on “The Rock”. Then he ran and took long rounds on the free flowing grass while I, meditated on the rock.



IMG_1147 IMG_1152

The morning started opening in a more beautiful way and we saw some kids, people walking their dogs and employees leaving for office while we just relaxed. There was nowhere to go, no hurry and no fixed plans. Krishna loved it while I left everything to his mood.

Then suddenly there was a new idea. We started walking along the grass in the farther direction and there were new trees that were planted by the council, every 100 yards or so. We would go upto the tree, touch it with love, and say the following words –

“Good Morning Tree! How are you doing? Where are your flowers? Grow safely. Thank you for giving us oxygen. Thank you for everything. You are beautiful. Thank you God!”

And, Krishna would repeat after me. The best part is, the trees seemed to respond. They do anyways. They have a life flowing inside, just like us and they respond to love, like we do. Then it became a routine and we did that to about 10 trees. We saw new flowers, different barks, different cars, snails, butterflies, flowers in the woods, a pair of unique black and white birds and much more.

IMG_1153 IMG_1154 IMG_1155 IMG_1157 IMG_1158 IMG_1160 IMG_1162

Only when Krishna felt tired, I decided to walk back to the house. On the way back, we saw a big bird egg, a lost orange football in the woods, a harmony of different trees growing together and a water stream. We sat by the stream and heard the trains going by. It was a wonderful experience.


I never knew that going by the hill with Krishna would be so lovely and enchanting. Then, I made it a point to visit the hill and do new stuff everyday with my hero. He has taught me many things.

You just have to be present with the little one. He drives, he guides and he directs!


Good Morning Trees!